It is December, the month of the winter Solstice, and a time when religious and non-religious alike celebrate the coming of the light.  Join Jon Merriman and Rev. Deborah Phillips as they discuss the spiritual metaphor of rising up out of the dark and into the light as a way to navigate difficult and challenging times.

Jon Merriman has been a musician in the Sacramento area for over 30 years best known for his unique style of playing solo acoustic guitar; however, what is not known by many who follow his music, is that he and his wife Stephanie own and operate Merriman Management Support a national management training company that specialized in training managers for natural food grocery co-ops around the country.  

Although his work keeps him busy, at the center of his life had been his on-going quest to develop a deeper relationship with the spiritual world.  Having been visited many times by spiritual beings as a young child, he has walked a lifelong path of exploration in search of answers to the deepest questions of life that we all face.

Discovering Spirit Within, with Rev. Deborah Phillips is brought to you by Spiritual Life Center. Spiritual Life Center is an Interfaith, Unity community located in Sacramento, California for spiritual seekers and life explorers. We honor the many paths to God and support people of all faiths in learning and applying positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Follow SLC on Instagram and on Facebook at

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