I Was Framed!

We are “framed” from the time we are born. We each perceive the world from our own frames of reference that come from our training and life experiences.  And sometimes they hold us back.  “I Was Framed” explores the question of how we can change our view of something. Does it mean that you pretend that “nothing happened?” Or is it about forgiveness, releasing blame, and understanding the difference between Facts and Truth? Join Rev. Deborah for insights into how re-framing can bring positive results into your life


Rev. Deborah Phillips is an ordained New Thought minster currently serving as Assistant Minister at Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento. She is the host of SLC’s podcast, Discovering Spirit Within and facilitates a Spiritual Exploration discussion group on Thursdays, where she calls upon her 45 + years of New Thought practice to help people discover their unique and personal relationship with the Divine.  She is minister, writer, artist, and natural intuitive.


Discovering Spirit Within, with Rev. Deborah Phillips is brought to you by Spiritual Life Center. Spiritual Life Center is an Interfaith, Unity community located in Sacramento, California for spiritual seekers and life explorers. We honor the many paths to God and support people of all faiths in learning and applying positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Follow SLC on Instagram @spiritual.life.center and on Facebook at facebook.com/SpiritualLifeCenter.

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