Rev. Deborah talks with Rachel Lyman, who is the inspiration and driving force behind Interfaith Explorers and a new podcast called Interfaith Connection. Tune in for an enlightening conversation about how an understanding of other faith traditions can contribute to your own spiritual expansion as Rachel shares her journey into becoming a leading light in the Interfaith Community.

Rachel Lyman is a visual, hands-on, lifetime learner and has a passion for knowledge about and connecting with people of other faith traditions. She is deeply involved in regional interfaith work through Interfaith Explorers by facilitating major community visits to the Sikh Gurdwara, along with visits to other faith traditions. 

She has a BS in Social Work and MS in Counseling, giving her the educational foundation for connecting with others. She is also an award-winning writer, photographer, and artist. She lives in Carmichael with husband Rev Dave Lyman, an Interfaith Minister, along with a menagerie of spoiled teddy bears.

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